FPWDS newsletter September 2019


Composure: When Your Kids are Making You Nuts

We have all had those moments when it seems as though others are out to derail our day. It seems as though our friends, spouses, and children are intent on destroying any plans or any inner harmony and peace we are experiencing. We mention the word seems because while those feelings and perceptions are strong, we are ultimately in charge of ourselves! Our own perceptions regarding of past events plays a big role in how we process the behaviors of others. Think of these perceptions as a CD-ROM, or a tape cassette. This CD-ROM or tape cassette can carry a multitude of negative messages, and those messages can derail us in a short amount of time.  The result is that we may often lose our composure and veer further away from problem solving. The good news with the skill of composure is that we can pause, allow the CD-ROM to play, and ready ourselves to communicate what we want our children to do.

Our CD-ROMs begin to play when something sets off, or triggers, the CD-ROM’s switch. Think about some triggers you might have: children and adults who whine, traffic, people who run late, etc… The playing CD-ROM then cues the negative internal chatter which can cause us to feel frightened or out of control. These emotions trigger feelings of actual physical discomfort before the feeling of anger steps in and we lose our cool. When that occurs, we have allowed our trigger and the child to be in charge of our internal state! In these moments, we typically focus on the behavior(s) we do not want to continue! Again, the good news is that our brains are malleable, and we can add new “tracks” to our CD-ROMS so that we are better able to solve problems. Perhaps the best aspect of rewriting our CD-ROMS is that we are able to teach our children how to address anger and upset so that we can move into problem solving mode rather than getting stuck.

When events that trigger your CD-ROM occur, allow the CD-ROM to play while thinking, “I’m safe, I can handle this, keep breathing.” Allow yourself the opportunity to take three deep breaths so that you can access the prefrontal lobes of your brain. This also allows a pause so that you can deliver your message from a composed state versus a state of upset. Incorporating statements such as, “I feel frustrated when you interrupt me.” allows us to convey our message while being in a composed state. I feel statements are powerful tools to use, and our children will notice and will begin to use this language, too! Re-wiring our CD-ROM is truly a gift to ourselves and our children!


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Weekday School Office Closed During the Month of July

The Weekday School office will be closed July 1 – July 31.  We shall return on August 3.  You are welcome to send us an email and we will respond when we return.

First Days of School 2015 2016

Our first days of school for the 2015 2016 school year will be September 8 and September 9!

Meet Our Teachers for the 2015 2016 School Year

Families are invited to come and meet our teachers on Friday, September 4, 2015.   Come anytime between the hours of 9:30 and 12:00.  There will be information about our school set up in Loudoun Hall.  We will also have members of the Weekday School Team available to answer any questions you may have.  Looking forward to seeing our returning families as well as those new to our school family!


All Weekday School families are invited to bring their children to see Jim Gill, a musician and author, on Friday, April 10 at 10:00 in the church’s fellowship hall.  Jim will provide an interactive and fun time of singing.  The children have heard many of Jim’s songs, including:  “The Sneezing Song,”  “The Goodbye Song,” and “Onomatopoeia Pizzeria.”  Jim’s book Soup Opera has also been a hit at the Weekday School!

Calendar Changes

The following changes have been made to our school calendar:

April 1, 2, and 7 will now be school days.  April 1 will be a noon dismssal.  The last day of school will be May 29.

October 2014



The following classrooms are nut-free this year:

– All Toddler and Two’s classrooms

– Ms. Agata and Ms. Yelena’s Monday, Wednesday, Friday Three’s class

– Ms. Susan and Ms. Denise’s Monday – Thursday Four’s class

– Ms. Carrie and Ms. Leslie’s Monday – Friday Pre-K class

Information regarding nut allergies can be found at the following link:



A list of nut-free food products can be found at the following link. Since manufacturing processes change from time-to-time, it is always best to also check the ingredient labels on packaging. Products that may contain traces of nuts are not safe in nut free classrooms. Teachers in nut-free classes reserve the right not to open a product if the product’s label states, “may contain traces of nuts.”




All family members are welcome to join us on Friday, August 29, 9:00 – 11:30 for an Open House.  Come and meet the staff, visit the classrooms, and find out more information about the upcoming school year.  Stop by Loudoun Hall first to receive information, then spend time in your children’s classrooms.  Hope to see you there!

116 South Loudoun St. Winchester, VA 22601