Warmer Weather Creates an Outdoor Learning Environment!

The month of May brings with it warmer temperatures and longer days. The once-dormant landscape comes alive again with a multitude of colors. This provides a wonderful opportunity to explore colors, changes during the lifecycle of plants, and discussions about changes in temperature. From these experiences, children learn that changes can be observed, and those observations can be recorded through pictures and text. Changes in plant life and temperature also lay the foundation for the concept of measurement. (Retrieved April 20, 2015 from http://creativestarlearning.co.uk/literacy-outdoors/lets-get-writing-outside/ )  Young children are capable of observing flower growth, the length of leaves on trees, and making comparisons between the feel of a warm sidewalk against a cool breeze on a spring day!

Milder temperatures also mean more opportunities for literacy experiences outside. Consider taking your favorite books outdoors for read alouds under a shady tree. Props can be included for use in storytelling, and sidewalk chalk provides a wonderful tool for children to retell a story through pictures, and to practice fine motor development.  Seasonal weather offers a context for such songs as “Rain, Rain, Go Away,” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” Rhyming songs and fingerplays host many literacy benefits as children develop phonological and phonemic awareness.

When you are looking for science and literacy activities for your child(ren), consider adding the great outdoors as a venue for learning. The real life experiences in nature provide authentic, meaningful learning experiences for everyone in the family!



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