Process Art


What is Process Art?


 “Color it just like this.”  “Glue it on the paper to look just like the sample.”  “Cut here and paste here.”    These are statements that are not heard in our developmental classrooms.  While those statements may have relevance in other settings, they would not be appropriate to use in order to encourage children to create an artistic masterpiece.


Art activities are child-centered, open-ended, and explorative in nature. Children are encouraged to “explore”, “experiment with”, and “discover” a variety of media.  Emphasis is placed on how children use the materials and what learning is taking place and not on the finished product.  In other words, focus is on the process.

This process is supported by:

  • offering and not “making” the children “do” art;

  • having H-U-G-E sheets of paper available;

  • seeing the possibility of painting with things other than brushes;

  • not using dittos, patterns and cut out art;

  • not making models or examples for the children;

  • not drawing for the child; and,

  • refraining from over-commenting, especially with words such as “Great picture!” This tends to place a value judgment on the picture.


A free resource entitled:  “A Few of Our Favorite Projects and Unique Things to Paint With” can be found on:





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