You may have noticed…

the church now has a new and improved buzzer system and camera in place.  This new system allows us to see and hear our families and visitors more easily.  It is no longer necessary for you to call the Weekday School office for entry.  Simply press the buzzer marked “Preschool” and wait for us to answer.  We have the ability to unlock the door so that you may enter.

We are not always in the Weekday School office during school hours as we are assisting and supporting our children and teachers.  If you buzz the preschool and we do not answer, please press the buzzer for the church office.  Someone in the office will ask for your name, then unlock the door for you.

As always, our priority is to provide a safe environment for our families.  We thank you for your assistance and patience in helping us with this task.

116 South Loudoun St. Winchester, VA 22601