Employment Opportunity

The Weekday School is hiring!  We are accepting resumes for classroom teachers, instructional assistants, and classroom substitutes.  If interested, please email:  wds@fpcwinc.org

First Day of the 2017 2018 School Year: Tuesday, September 5

Spaces Available for 2017 2018

We have limited availability in the following classes for next year:

T/Th two year olds

T/Th three year olds

MWF three year olds (Hurry!  Only 1 space left!)

M-F four year olds

T/Th four year olds

MWF four year olds

M-Th four year olds

And, just opened:  1 space in pre-K (Hurry!)

Feel free to call and schedule a tour!  (540) 662-7588

116 South Loudoun St. Winchester, VA 22601