Portfolios for Preschoolers

Portfolios are a way to record a child’s ongoing development over the course of a school year.  In this memory book, portfolios provide a visual representation of a child’s journey through the school year.  In addition to photos, a portfolio contains samples of children’s work collected over time.  These samples may be:

  • an art “masterpiece,”
  • a photo of a block structure,
  • a page from a journal,
  • notes about how the child spends his/her “work” time,
  • other notes or projects that the child feels he/she wishes to include, as this is a collaborative effort.

Teaching staff use the information in portfolios to reflect and plan instruction that supports the child at his/her current developmental level and provides scaffolding that helps the child move to the next developmental level.


Portfolios are available at any time and parents are encouraged to look at them throughout the year.  There are even times that teachers will offer a “portfolio day.”  This gives parents time with their child to review and celebrate their developmental journey.  Reviewing the contents of the portfolio gives the child, teachers, and parents an authentic picture of a child’s growth and development and provides a valuable keepsake for years to come.


From our hearts to yours,

We are wishing you well!




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